Howto - Reconstruire un modèle 3d à partir d'objets réels

Article intéressant.  Il faudra vraiment que j'essaye le site 123D Catch (aussi sur Windows (PC), iPhone et Android)... j'en parlais déjà en 2012 ;)


Reconstruire un modèle 3d à partir d'objets réels

La vidéo:


14 nov. 2013

This update for the popular app that creates 3D models from photographs has been rebuilt from the ground up. Here are a few of the new features you will find in this update to 123D Catch.

-Guided capture to help you shoot the perfect photos for the most amazing photorealistic 3D photographs.
-Streaming, interactive 3D gallery lets you explore, share, like, and follow others with a lightning fast mobile experience.
-We have improved our engines on the cloud significantly to ensure best in class results.
-Extended workflows in the 123D Catch web app and family of apps at for making your captures real via 3D printing or other fabrication methods.

Try it out for yourself, avaiable in the AppStore now, and learn more at

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