indiegogo - intrigant - Is the Universe a simulation? Let’s test it!

Non je n'y participerai pas, mais c'est rigolo: si on est dans une simulation: ceux qui tirent les ficelles pourront influer le test de toute façon, nan ?
Ou pas ... =)
Le pitch:

I am Dr. Melvin M. Vopson, senior lecturer in Physics at the University of Portsmouth, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the Information Physics Institute ( My recent article on the mass-energy-information (M/E/I) equivalence principle offers a possible avenue to experiment the simulation hypothesis. Assuming the universe is indeed a simulation, then it must contain a lot of information bits hidden everywhere around us. Detecting these information bits will prove the simulation hypothesis.
The M/E/I principle states that these bits must have a small mass (
In another recent article I calculated the number of information bits contained in all elementary particles in the Universe (

Is the Universe a simulation? Let’s test it!

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