Can We Control Superior Artificial Intelligence?

Bon là c'est en anglais assez poussé/dur à comprendre (son boaf) dans la vidéo, mais l'article en soit suffit pour appréhender le sujet:

  • Moi Homme, "lui" moustique, lui me tourner autour, Moi *paf le chien* ...
  • vs
  • "lui" SupraIntelligence, Moi Homme, Moi lui tourner autour, "lui" *paf le chien* ?

J'adore aussi la question de l'auteur, Nick Bostrom (j'aime son Titre: "Director, Future of Humanity Institute" et "Director, Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology"),

"He’s also known for raising the question about whether or not we live in a computer simulation."

que j'avoue m'être déjà posée ...


Can We Control Superior Artificial Intelligence?

La vidéo (1 heure !):


28 juin 2013 Winter Intelligence Oxford - AGI12 - ==The SuperIntelligence Control Problem==

Book about superintelligence is inching towards completion. (Since the final stages of a book project always take longer than one thinks they will take, I try not to think about how long they will take.) Finished a co-authored paper on unilateralism. Some recent media coverage of our work: although positive, still struck by how whatever one actually says to the media is almost always reported as one of a small number of availalbe clichés. But there was an unusually good feature article by Ross Andersen in Aeon magazine.

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